Bio-Washed Fabrics

What is Bio-Wash?

Bio-washing, also known as enzyme washing, is a textile finishing process used to enhance the texture, appearance, and comfort of fabrics, particularly those made from natural fibers like cotton.

This process gives fabrics a soft and worn-in feel.

Why Fabrics are bio-washed?

To avoid neps in fabrics, fabrics are bio-washed.

How to identify bio-washed fabric?

Softness & Feel

Bio-washed fabrics tend to have a noticeably softer and smoother feel compared to untreated fabrics. Run your fingers over the material and pay attention to how it feels against your skin

Label Information

Check the care label or any additional information that came with the garment.  

Research the Brand

If you’re curious about whether a specific brand or product uses bio-washing, you can research the brand’s manufacturing processes and materials. Some brands may openly disclose their use of bio-washing as a selling point.

Ask the Retailer

If you’re purchasing the item from a physical store or an online retailer, you can inquire with the staff about whether the fabric has been bio-washed.

Comparative Analysis

Compare the fabric in question to similar items that you know have been bio-washed. If you notice similar characteristics, it could suggest that the material has undergone the process.

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